Personalized Gift From Little Baby To Mommy Happy Mother'S Day Cute Little Alpaca Ez12 2302 Custom Fleece Blanket


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When the weather outside is frightful, nothing beats hibernating underneath a blanket as fluffy as this. Choose the color you like as well as the preferred size, and let Hyperfavor create a unique blanket just for you. Without doubt, these personalized blankets will be the perfect gifts for your family and friends.


How does custom printing work?

 1. Choose your images:
  - jpg, jpeg, jpe, png
  - Minimum 1 mb.
  - Maximum 10 mb.
  2. Upload your images and choose your design style. Our team will work hard to get a perfect cut out suitably.
  - Simple logo or text
  - All over- printing
  - Complex: Fully printed, different images and texts.


Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a good photo?
 1. Make sure your photo has good lighting – enough to see the details, but not so much that it is too bright to see. Darker photos make it hard for our designers to capture the details.
 2. A head-on shot is preferred. Make sure that you get the full face or pattern in the photo, for example the face have to include the ears and forehead. If we can only see half of the face or the photo is taken from the side, only half of the face will be on your product!
 3. Avoid blurry photos – the higher the clarity of the photo, the better. Remember that the photo will be shrunk down, so some subtle features may not be seen as clearly in the final product.
Not sure if an image works? Email us and ask, we can help!
Can I upload something other than a person, dog, or cat?
 Does it have a face? If so, we can print it! We love critters of all types. While some of our designs are specific to humans, dogs, and cats, we have tons of fun, printed designs for you to choose from and purchase.
Can I see a proof of how my product will look?
 Unfortunately, we can’t provide a proof before ordering because our designers have to personally set up your image and crop out your images but rest assured that if there are any issues, we’ll send you an email for a new image.
Do you edit the photo for me? What can the graphic designers do?
 We edit the photo for you! We can use your images to make a repeating pattern, remove backgrounds, isolate a subject, add text, add colors, make image black and white, or help you choose a layout. Just send us a high-quality, head-on photo.
I love my design. Is it possible to order the same one again in the future?
We keep all customer files submitted to us, so if you would like to order another print that we’ve previously created, just use your order # as a reference and we can look it up for you!
I have a different photo question?
Our priority is to make you happy — reach the customer service team 24/7 and they will do whatever they can to help you with any problem or questions you might have.


- HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL: Made of premium fabric with one printed side and wool fleece on the other, Hyperfavor’s Fleece Blankets bring you a more breathable and lightweight feeling than regular cotton blankets. They will keep your body warm while maintaining soft and gentle to the touch, thanks to the great quality and superior softness.
- MULTI FUNCTIONS: The size of this blanket ranges from S (120x90cm) to L (200x150cm) , which is suitable for use basically anywhere! From your couch to the bed, on a chair, in the car, you can stay warm and comfy at all times. Even better, you can bring them on a picnic or camping as it is lightweight and extremely compact. When bought as a gift, the blanket is certainly a perfect choice for Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas, New Year, or memorial days.
- UNIQUE DESIGN: Hyperfavor has tons of designs, and you’ll definitely find one that catches your eyes! Have a look at our collection and pick one that suits your interest. You can even get your blanket personalized with pictures and names of you and your loved ones!
- EASY CARE: Our blankets are machine washable in either warm or cold water, easy to store, and wrinkle – resistant.To make your blanket last longer, remember to dry it in low heat and do not iron. The blanket will maintain its color and will not shed over time.
- This blanket’s wool fleece comes in 4 colors (grey, brownish grey, white, ivory white), which is chosen randomly. The fabric's color does not affect the quality of the blanket.



  • Production Time: 5 – 10 business days
  • Shipping Time (calculated from the date that it is shipped out, not the date the order is placed):
    • US: 10 – 15 business days
  • Tracking Number: When available, we will send you the tracking number with the confirmation email so that you can track the package online.
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